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Friday, March 11, 2016

The Crawler, and your Epic Tale!

Hey Folks, I know this is a bit bare bones. I've been trying to figure out what to post here, especially since I've been handing out business cards. So here's the skinny.

My name is Drew Brigner, I'm Crawler's head Game Master, and I've been playing tabletop games for near fifteen years.  The majority of that time has been spent running games, (Dungeon Mastering, Game Mastering, Storytelling, what ever term you prefer to use).  I know that many would say "Well fifteen years is nothin', I've been playing since the days of Chain Mail! I'm fluent in THAC0!".  Some of you may be new to tabletop gaming.  Some of you may even be storytellers yourselves.  Regardless, I welcome you all.

"So what is 'Crawler'?"

You could say Crawler is my business.  I'm a Storyteller for hire, fluent in multiple gaming systems, From D20 to D10 Storyteller, from Cypher System to Shadowrun, and many others.  I love telling collaborative storytelling and role playing.  From the grim tales to sagas of epic heroics, cyberpunk to fantasy.

"Does that mean you're paid to run games?"

Bottom-line, yes it does. Any Game Master will tell you about the work that goes into crafting a custom tale is more then time spent at the table. It's preparation, research, and homework.  I know those terms sound exhausting, but it's that labor that lays the framework for not a story recited to you, but one that you tell, one that grows and breathes on your whims and your decisions.

"So what do you offer?"

Professionalism and service. I'm not going to bring you a game from a book or a box. I'm going to bring you a game custom tailored to your play style and taste.  Have new players? I'll teach them what they need to know to play.  Pregenerated characters that you can place your own unique spin on and dice so that we're ready to roll from go.  Everything you need to sit down at your table, and you and your friends tell a story that will be remembered for nights to come!

So grab some friends and get ready to weave a tale of adventure, or horror, or intrigue! Out-wit ancient vampires, pilot a starship through the most dangerous parts of the cosmos, slay the dragon or even cut a deal with it. The possibilities are endless!

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